About Us

We love the Cowboys.  We love Jerry Jones.  He’s generous, excitable, genuine, and willing to do anything in his power to make the Cowboys a winner as an owner.  Unfortunately, these same positive traits as an owner often betray him as a general manager.

Our mission here is to implore Jerry, the owner, to “fire” his general manager with no playoff wins in the past 12 seasons (24 franchises have a playoff victory in that span) and a record of poor drafts, questionable signings, and off-the-field incidents.  Jerry, as owner, has had six head coaches in his 20 years with the team.  With this track record he’s proven his willingness to make a change for the good of the team, and there is no doubt that he would have fired a GM with that résumé if the GM were anyone but himself.

We ask our fellow Cowboys fans to join us in appealing to Jerry Jones, the owner, asking him to take the logical next step and “fire” Jerry Jones, the general manager.  Together we can bring back the glory to America’s Team.