Farewell, Mr. Jones

by - May 6, 2010 - Posted in Dear Mr. Jones

Dear Mr. Jones,

As the dust finally settles from the ruins of Texas Stadium, a realization dawns: the bridge to the past has also collapsed. While we prepare to move towards a new future unshackled and unfettered, is there a more fitting time to reflect on our mission? A closer look lends shocking results.

In the past year we have implored you to come to your senses and end the legacy of losing the last decade wrought. Surprisingly, you have made great strides in cutting unmanageable egos (good riddance TO and Pacman), mining productivity from the draft (we like Dez), and showing an uncharacteristic restraint and composure (we’ll forget about the video incident). These positive steps—which we take full credit for—all culminated in a most satisfying playoff victory.

And where before we cursed you, we now reluctantly praise you.

So sadly we sign off for good. But remember, we are always watching. Stay true to your new ways, Mr. Jones. They fit you well. They serve this great franchise well. They make us happy to be Cowboys fans.

But if the old GM Jerry, the bad GM Jerry returns, we will be ready to rise up once again in opposition.

Farewell, Mr. Jones. You win, for now.


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May 7th, 2010 at 3:09 am


To the few readers we still have out there crying “say it ain't so!”, you're reading things right. We've decided to wrap up things here at FireJerryJones.com. Not only do we genuinely like the new direction our Cowboys seem to be taking and think it best to lay off Jerry for a little while, but frankly, we've kind of run out of steam (translation: we're lazy). Keeping a blog like this up and running all while making it entertaining for you guys took more effort than we were able to provide.

Anyway, look for one final post from me in the next day or so.

Also, if you're interested in acquiring FJJ's assets (our database, a few domain names, and logins to various social media tools), let me know. We'd gladly consider letting someone else take the reigns.