Her Sunday no more

by - July 14, 2009 - Posted in Offseason

Jessica Simpson bought Tony Romo a $100k boat for his birthday this spring.  He returned the favor by unceremoniously dumping her last Thursday, the eve of her 29th birthday.  At least she wasn’t turning 30. 

Big Bill’s parting advice to Romo (as part of his 11 Quarterback Commandments) was not to be a celebrity quarterback – advice flatly ignored for the past two seasons.  It started slowly enough with a few country singers here, a few starlets there, but all of a sudden Romo was getting more time in People than in Sports Illustrated, and when the smoke cleared it was Romo and Simpson together.

From a fan’s perspective, Romo’s relationship with the former Newlywed star was a disaster from the start.  Who can forget Jessica’s Cowboy debut?  Sporting a pink #9 jersey, she watched her man fall apart against the Eagles and promptly became everyone’s favorite scapegoat.  Hey, at least it improved her fan club memberships in NY and Philadelphia. 

Next came the public relations nightmare of the pre-playoff Mexican vacation followed by a heart wrenching loss.  Romo just hasn’t seemed the same since, which brings us back to the main point. 

While many fans are speculating that this move will return Romo’s focus to more important matters, i.e. Dallas Cowboys Football, the truer statement might be that all of Romo’s excuses are merely gone.  No more Jessica, no more TO, no more arguing over whose team it is.  Romo stands alone this year to prove what kind of NFL quarterback he is truly going to be.


Photo by Bill Pirkle

Photo by Bill Pirkle

4 Responses to Her Sunday no more


July 15th, 2009 at 10:22 am


Great Article Kristin! Romo needs a normal girl. (non famous)


August 4th, 2009 at 6:34 pm


First of all, Romo has already proven that he is a top 10 NFL quarterback who can lead teams to victory i n the regular season. Now its time to lead them to title contention. However, with Jerry Jones running the show and no discipline Philips, this team is not going to win this year. It takes an Organization to win, not just a quarterback.

Next year we get either Gruden, Holmgren, or Shanahan. At least then we will have a chance if JJ steps out of the way and stays in the front office.