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FJJ: A look back

Posted in Offseason on 21/Apr/2009

While we patiently (and nervously) wait for the weekend’s draft, we thought we’d take a moment to look back at our favorite posts… Dear Mr. Jones Injury #3: Jerry selects “Failure” as his #1 pick In order to form a more perfect team Addition by Subtraction: TO released Williams gets lost in coverage… again

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With the new Cowboys stadium just over a month away from its debut, Owner Jerry is getting a lot of credit and praise for the overwhelming structure now dominating the Arlington area. Frankly, we feel it’s well deserved and only proves how Jerry really can use his brain if he tries hard enough. If only […]

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Felix for Anquan?

Posted in Offseason on 18/Apr/2009

Cedric Golden down in Austin suggest the Cowboys should make a deal for Anquan Boldin. So here’s what should happen. The Cardinals, who are ready to part ways with aging tailback Edgerrin James, should send Boldin to Dallas for running back Felix Jones. The Cards would get a huge upgrade at RB while the Cowboys […]

What a profound thought!

Posted in Offseason on 17/Apr/2009

The Texas Rangers may have finally found the secret to a stable and winning organization: hire people in the front office who know the game! Hiring Nolan Ryan as team President is probably the smartest move the Texas Rangers have made since…well…signing Nolan Ryan as a free-agent pitcher in 1989.

The NFL released the complete schedules for all teams this week, including your Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys lead all NFL teams with 6 nationally televised games. It seems network heads are going more for reputation than results, kind of like NBC airing 15 seasons of ER instead of taking a chance on a promising new […]

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It has been twelve long years since our beloved Dallas Cowboys have won a playoff game. While there are many reasons for this, we believe that the team's general manager is ultimately to blame. The mission of this site is to serve as an open appeal to Mr. Jones imploring him to step down as GM and bring in a proven football mind.

  • Cowboys Gab: Hey Ryan,Sorry to hear you decided to close up shop, but we wish you luck on your future endeavors.For the readers of FJJ, feel free t
  • Ryan: Even though we won't be posting here any more, we'll still pop in from time-to-time on our Facebook page:
  • Ryan: To the few readers we still have out there crying "say it ain't so!", you're reading things right. We've decided to wrap up things here at
  • Farewell, Mr. Jones – Fire Jerry Jones!: [...] As the dust finally settles from the ruins of Texas Stadium, a realization dawns: the bridge to the past has also collapsed. While we prepare to
  • Michael W. Jackson: I am surprised and disappointed by the lack of traffic I check thewebsite almost every two weeks
  • Jeff Stehle: For all you Simpsons fans, don't you see similarities between Mr. Montgomery Burns and Mr. Jerry Jones? Who in the Dallas Cowboys organization wo
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  • Tarrell Ball : Dear jerry jones im back your cowboys offensive line broke down in minnesota here is the keyto next year follow my instructions.Give your LT another y
  • MBurkett: Jerry's worst decision came before the Minnesota playoff game. Jerry gave the 2009 Dallas Cowboy defensive line coach Todd Grantham permission to