Owner Jerry proves he can hire an expert

by - April 20, 2009 - Posted in On Jerry

With the new Cowboys stadium just over a month away from its debut, Owner Jerry is getting a lot of credit and praise for the overwhelming structure now dominating the Arlington area. Frankly, we feel it’s well deserved and only proves how Jerry really can use his brain if he tries hard enough. If only he’d put those skills to use concerning the team itself.

Most recently, the Dallas Morning News highlighted the impressive technology being employed at the new palace. Among the new features are 30 distributed antennas to insure each fan can simultaniously get cell coverage, 2800 monitors used for replays and advertising each with its own IP address, a potental system used to track lost children and/or stolen equipment, and of course, the 60 yard long video board. As owners of an online Cowboys site, we’re obviously impressed with the technology.

One part of the article, however, stands out above the rest for us here at fjj.com:

“I was given a blank sheet of paper and told to go create the future,” said Pete Walsh, Cowboys head of technology.

Head of technology! The Cowboys have a head of technology, hired by Jerry Jones. Jerry obviously can’t do everything by himself and wisely hired someone with the expertise to get it done. Yet he can’t hire a GM? With no playoff wins in 12 seasons he’s as qualified to run a football team as he is to design technological infrastructure.

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