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Deal or no deal?

Posted in Offseason on 29/Apr/2009

I heard an interesting topic being discussed on The Ticket on the drive to work on Tuesday that got me to thinking. The discussion they were having was based on a hypothetical trade between the Cowboys and some other team. The trade would involve swapping the entire roster with this team – all 53 players […]

Me and Stephen McGee

Posted in Offseason on 28/Apr/2009

On Sunday Stephan McGee became only the third quarterback the Cowboys have drafted since 1990 when he was selected in the fourth round with the 101st overall pick. With arguably bigger names left undrafted and heading toward free agency, what went into the Cowboys decision to take a chance on the former Aggie?

Well, the roller coaster has pulled into the station and it’s time to take stock of lost lunches, broken mirrors and dizzy heads.  Anyone who’s been privy to a Jerry Jones draft knows that there is no such thing as a boring draft when he is involved.  This was by no means Jerry’s most active […]

Since when do the Dallas Cowboys only sell season tickets? A few days ago I inquired to the Dallas Cowboys ticket office about individual game tickets and I was told that they only sell season tickets now. I was advised by the ticket office representative to buy season tickets (even though I live 300 miles […]

Rough Draft

Posted in Offseason on 22/Apr/2009

It’s that time of year, folks. It’s the time of year when hopes run high for all 32 teams in the league. Fans of all teams look to the draft as a source of hope for the coming season. The utter anticipation of watching that shiny new first round pick throw on the laundry for […]

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It has been twelve long years since our beloved Dallas Cowboys have won a playoff game. While there are many reasons for this, we believe that the team's general manager is ultimately to blame. The mission of this site is to serve as an open appeal to Mr. Jones imploring him to step down as GM and bring in a proven football mind.

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  • Michael W. Jackson: I am surprised and disappointed by the lack of traffic I check thewebsite almost every two weeks
  • Jeff Stehle: For all you Simpsons fans, don't you see similarities between Mr. Montgomery Burns and Mr. Jerry Jones? Who in the Dallas Cowboys organization wo
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  • Tarrell Ball : Dear jerry jones im back your cowboys offensive line broke down in minnesota here is the keyto next year follow my instructions.Give your LT another y
  • MBurkett: Jerry's worst decision came before the Minnesota playoff game. Jerry gave the 2009 Dallas Cowboy defensive line coach Todd Grantham permission to