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What would you be willing to pay for a guaranteed Cowboys Super Bowl win, assuming you had to fund it yourself and couldn’t take up a collection? $1,000? $10,000? $100,000? (This is purely hypothetical, to any conspiracy theorists out there)

Cowboys fans, you have company

Posted in Offseason on 23/Mar/2009

Randy Galloway tells us that the Cowboys are not alone among metroplex teams concerning ineptitude, specifically when it comes to poor drafts. It seems the Rangers, Stars, and Mavs have also had their share of futility in this area.

Jerry, just say ‘no’

Posted in Offseason on 20/Mar/2009

Admit it – as soon as you heard the news you thought it too. You know Jerry Jones too well. You know he loves his fellow Arkansians. You know he likes to make a splash in the off-season. You know his team needs a wide receiver like Jessica Simpson needs Weight Watchers. You know Jerry […]

Who’s under center?

Posted in Offseason on 19/Mar/2009

Now that Jay Cutler is somewhat officially on the trade market, the subject of a Tony Romo-Jay Cutler swap has been brought up. Assuming that Jerry has taken care of all factors to make it a viable trade (draft pick compensation, contracts, etc); what are the pros and cons of making such a trade?

Is Jerry magically delicious?

Posted in On Jerry on 17/Mar/2009

At first glance no one will mistake Jerry Jones for a leprechaun. His accent isn’t exactly Irish, and he certainly wouldn’t be caught dead in a green suit (what with green being the primary color of a certain team from Philadelphia). Take a closer look though and Jerry comes out looking more like a little […]

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It has been twelve long years since our beloved Dallas Cowboys have won a playoff game. While there are many reasons for this, we believe that the team's general manager is ultimately to blame. The mission of this site is to serve as an open appeal to Mr. Jones imploring him to step down as GM and bring in a proven football mind.

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  • Jeff Stehle: For all you Simpsons fans, don't you see similarities between Mr. Montgomery Burns and Mr. Jerry Jones? Who in the Dallas Cowboys organization wo
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  • MBurkett: Jerry's worst decision came before the Minnesota playoff game. Jerry gave the 2009 Dallas Cowboy defensive line coach Todd Grantham permission to